About SysLogic

About SysLogic

SysLogic is an information systems consulting and services firm dedicated to helping clients large and small conduct business more effectively by delivering solutions that leverage leading-edge technology and sound business processes. We work with our clients to extend the range, reach, and value of information technology in their organizations, to improve or transform the way they do business.

Our Mission

We assist clients in a wide range of projects, from IT strategy to custom application development. Our areas of expertise include architecture, application and embedded development, mobile solutions, process engineering, business intelligence, portal and Web services, software evaluation, business analysis, and project management. Visit the Services page to learn more. Established in 1995, SysLogic’s corporate culture is built upon a strong foundation of integrity, innovation, and use of best practices and proven methodology in everything we do. SysLogic is TECHNOLOGY WITH A HUMAN TOUCH.

Why Us

With many competitors to choose from, clients return to SysLogic for our help with ever more challenging projects. They know we can deliver. Clients have confidence in SysLogic for a number of powerful reasons, including:

  • Our delivery team, which is diverse, highly expert, and committed to bringing value to the organizations we serve.
  • Our reputation as a strong organization in our market, built on integrity and team members who translate our values into action every day.
  • Our strong client portfolio, including Fortune 500 and innovative niche companies.
  • Our continual investment in research, training, and innovation. We keep abreast of emerging technologies, trends, and standards so that the solutions we deliver not only meet our clients’ current business needs but also accommodate future growth and change.