Our latest work.

A sampling of some of SysLogic's latest client projects.

IT Strategy and Roadmap Development for a leading web commerce company

SysLogic provided advisory services for the design and development of a multi-year application strategy roadmap, outlining anticipated technical and resource investments. This engagement included providing guidance, coaching, and technical writing support to the Information Technology Team to help develop and document the Information Technology Strategy. The strategy documentation included a current state assessment, business strategy map, strategic initiatives, target state description, and a plan for the activities and IT investments recommended for the next 3 to 5 years.

Cybersecurity for a global technology and industrial leader serving customers in over 150 countries

SysLogic played a key advisory role in the design and growth of a new commercial product cybersecurity organization. This included many program governance elements such as policies, standards, security requirements design, regulatory mapping, and overall program health assessment, monitoring, and reporting. This work was supplemented by SysLogic cybersecurity experts working directly with many engineering teams on security architecture challenges, attack surface review, source code review, and providing in-depth penetration testing of products. In addition, SysLogic guided the development of an internal training program impacting over 2000 engineers. The SysLogic Security Team developed custom training curriculum and presented it onsite to teams around the globe covering topics such as application threat modeling, cybersecurity requirements, risk scoring, cryptography, and secure coding practices.

Custom application design and development for a provider of software and hardware solutions to the commercial printing and packaging industry

SysLogic led the project conception phase for the new software product offering, resulting in high-level requirements and estimates to produce the minimum viable product, including plans to introduce the Agile Scrum methodology to the engineering department. The next phase of the project included the Syslogic project team designing, architecting, and developing an innovative system that improves accuracy and quality for commercial printers, resulting in less waste, lower costs, and improved customer satisfaction.

Customer analytics product for a national mortgage-based software development company

SysLogic designed and developed the initial data architecture, ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) processes, and product while guiding the client through the data profiling of several early user and strategic clients to better understand data quality and risks. Working very closely with the client, SysLogic leveraged the Microsoft Power BI solution to provide the user experience framework and the initial delivery of several themed dashboards enabling the end users to quickly analyze and evaluate information through cross-filtering and drill-down techniques. Through the collaborative effort of SysLogic and the client team, the result was an extremely successful product launch in a very short amount of time providing an invaluable and innovative tool for the mortgage industry. LEARN MORE

Project Management and Business Analysis for a Fortune 500 innovator in energy storage and power solutions

SysLogic provided trusted program management expertise, technical architecture leadership, business analysis and quality assurance oversight, and aggregated industry domain knowledge to help the client deliver an innovative, early-to-market product on an accelerated timeline. Our team orchestrated the efforts of multiple teams spread across the globe to ensure the on-time development, testing, and delivery of a complex product that has enabled the client to successfully position itself as a leader in the growing field of distributed energy storage. SysLogic's startup-minded agility, coupled with our disciplined approach to program and project management, helps companies to reach their goals and outcomes with a focus on accelerated timelines that can ordinarily be a challenge for larger organizations. LEARN MORE

Information Technology Assessment and Roadmap for a designer and manufacturer of hydraulic and electrohydraulic controls

SysLogic performed an enterprise assessment of the IT alignment, structure, capability, and competency in supporting the company’s short and long-term business objectives and operations. The engagement provided the company with an informed, neutral-party viewpoint on the positioning of current IT investments and performance against management’s identified and perceived expectations, and highlighted gaps toward realizing a desired IT resource composition. Reviewing the company’s IT landscape via a structured methodology served as a baseline for identifying technology-based improvement areas and subsequent IT investments, focused on enabling and securing business mandates. In performing the IT assessment, SysLogic was guided by an overall target design of optimal processes, applications, data and technology that reflected the requirements of the enterprise business model and goals. IT activities were prioritized toward those anticipated to yield the highest business value, competitive advantage, or to satisfy operational and organization reporting requirements.